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Design Trends 2018

Peach Loves Digital Heart Icon Posted: 14-08-2018


It doesn’t go unnoticed some of the design shifts and changes. Here are a few design trends and predictions!

Distorted white noise

A nice play of old and new digital design. Vintage signal frequency seen on old television sets is making for some interesting imagery where pixelation is a good thing. Not too far off using photocopiers with low toner to create run down worn textures or an inkjet printer with an almost empty cartridge to give a banding effect where pigment would be absent for sections of images. This glitched effect gives playful abstracted colours giving a nod to when the saturation had to be manually set on T.V.’s and actors would often appear blue, green or orange if not set correctly. A great example here is by I LOVE DUST 

Geometric – still!

Geometric designs have been going strong for a while and are clearly continuing for 2018. Even from my days studying at university, this was just coming into its own. We might see it moving forward with smoother, more curved and wavy designs but whatever way, I’m glad it’s still around!

Paint it with bold colours

Our prediction is that we will see more potent colours like Cherry Tomato and Lime Punch much like coca cola’s crazy new flavours of feisty cherry and exotic mango! There will be less of the Millennial Pink which we can all agree on that has had its run since the inclusion of rose pink phone covers.

design trends 2018
woman’s face painted on wall with vibrant colors

Double exposure is still not over-exposed

Prominent in music album covers and film posters, double exposure works well pulling off two main subject matters together has an attractive outcome and isn’t too much brain power to achieve. You can see a great example of this on a Taylor Swift album cover re-design here

Typography is still winning

Thanks to the saturation of information online, designers have been forced to find new ways to call people’s attention and the easiest one is to just make typography. In 2018 fonts will only get bigger, brighter and bolder. Some of the most popular types will be, hand-written, geometric and 3D. Not to mention that there’s a tendency to make them responsive and Google fonts will only become more popular. See Gemma O’ Brien A.K.A. Mrs Eaves or Stephan Kunz for some inspiring typography work.

Bold cropping

Hard to pull off but the end result can be very attractive when done correctly. Cropping is delicate because there’s only so much you can take away before the message becomes unreadable. Still, it is a unique way to deliver a message. This poster is a perfect example of cropping done right.


Simply put, an image with movement is always more attractive than a static one. Flash animations used to reign the internet, that was until the smartphones and tablets (which don’t support Flash) boomed. But thanks to the rise of other types of software, animations started to take off once more! Hurrah!

Ombre colour transitions

Many predicted that after Instagram redesigned its logo, it would start catching up and they were not wrong. It is simple to do and looks good so we predict that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Hand drawn

Much like home baking is trending over store bought convenience food, hand drawing is taking over the photograph and basic vectors. There is a huge increase in hand-drawn illustration in both traditional pen and digital forms. Check out Scott Colliers’ website for both.

Design Trends 2018

Too minimalism to go out of style

The classic post-war art movement, minimalism is nothing new and is in the designer’s toolkit for some time now. It comes back with a twist in 2018 which may include some details or warm colours.

Endless loop stories

These are gifs with the added mystery that you don’t know where they start or end. It’s some what blurred as to know which is the first and the last image, creating a forever loop. Generally These only have a little motion. A few of these have caught me out watching them over and over and over…

with thanks to Printsome Insights & Venngage 



Jenna is a Masters graduate in Visual Communication & Graphic Design with a passion for hand drawing and typography. She is known for her inquisitive questions on life and childlike taste in bags. When she isn’t sat in front of her Apple Mac designing, she is hiking through nature or travelling across the pond to the West Coast, USA.

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